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All Maspalomas Pride events are equipped to make sure that people with reduced mobility may access to the events.


Maspalomas Pride offers you the best accommodation option in Gran Canaria. You can stay in on of the Lopesan Hotels, our official hotel chain. More info here.

Event & VIP Tickets

Get your anticipate online tickets only through the official websites or If you prefer to buy them once in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, you will be able to do it during all the days of the event at the Official Ticket Office located on the ground of cc Yumbo. Only official tickets will grant you access to the events. The organisation will not be responsible for falsifications. The access to the parties is fast, but Maspalomas Pride is a massive event, and some delays may occur in certain moments, so we ask for your patience if this happens. Please remember that the capacity is limited, so we recommend you to arrive on time to the parties. It is not allowed to leave the party, leaving any event will mean paying the entrance ticket again if you want to go back. By buying the tickets and unless there is a written communication submitted to Maspalomas Pride, the attendants give the consent to appear in images taken by any means for its subsequent diffusion for promotional, informative or commercial purposes.

Drinks and food

Maspalomas Pride does not allow food or drink into any of the venues.


Do not forget to bring always your original ID, NIE or Passport

Ilegal substances

Maspalomas Pride is against the use of drugs. Drugs are prohibited in all our parties and events.

Legal age

Attendants under the age of 18 will not be allowed to get into the Official Events. Everybody must bring and present an ID card, Foreign Resident ID Card (NIE) or Passport (only originals, photocopies will not be accepted).

Medical team

For your safety, first aid care teams will be strategically located in each event.


Heterofrendly public is totally welcome, as long as their attitude is friendly and open to enjoy and go along with all the gay friends from the best LGBT festival in Europe.


Women are absolutely welcome to all events! Please keep in mind that there are Men Only and Women Only events also which are restricted to men or women only.


For your safety, Maspalomas Pride counts with experienced Security Staff in all venues and common areas. Before access to each party, all carried backpacks or packages will be registered according to the law. Before entering the venue, any person must be prepared to be registered by our security service, legally approved for this function. The refuse to get registered will mean the dismissal of that person to the party. The organization reserves the right of admission of any person whose attitude and presence could be considered inappropriate, offensive, and violent or show symptoms of being under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances. It is forbidden to enter into the events with substances prohibited by law, alcohol, drinks or liquids, audio and video recorders, weapons or blunt, sharp or dangerous instruments. Maspalomas Pride wants you to make it until the end of the week enjoying as much as possible. We recommend that, if you feel bad unwell during any party, you can rest and take plenty of water and carbohydrates. If needed, please seek medical assistance. During all events there will be a team of excellent professionals ready to assist you.


Most events are close to the cc Yumbo. Some events will be further away but special bus transport is available from the Yumbo.

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The Maspalomas Police informs you:

Maspalomas is a relaxing and warm city, but you must be prudent and keep some behavior measures in order to ensure your safety and a good harmony with the city citizens during the days of the event. After meet and coordinate with the Maspalomas Police, we want to transmit the following safety and civic behaviour tips:

Security tips during your visit:

  • At the hotel: Do not leave your baggage unattended when doing the checking -in and checking -out.
  • At the beach: Do not carry large amount of cash nor valuable objects. Keep always an eye to your personal belongings.
  • At the street and public transport: Be alert with your wallet, bag, or personal belongings such as cameras, mobile phones.
  • At the restaurant: Do not leave your handbag or valuable objects unattended.

What should you do if you are victim of theft, discrimination or homophobic aggression?

  • Keep calm and report 112
  • Remember who and where everything happened.
  • If you have been injured, go directly to the health center and ask for a medical report.
  • Ensure that the lawsuit collects all the details, proves you have stated.

Cruising areas security tips:

  • If you are alone in an isolated place, be alert with in the surroundings and avoid walking in dark places.
  • Avoid carrying valuable objects, large amount of neither cash nor important documents.
  • Do not give personal information to those people you just have met and avoid taking them to your place.

Civic behavior tips:

In Maspalomas there are prohibited, reported and fined the following activities:

  • Drinking alcohol in the street.
  • Noise pollution (Screaming, shouting, singing).
  • Urinating in the street.
  • Buying from illegal street vendors.
  • Littering on public roads.

From Maspalomas Pride we recommend you not to perform any of the activities above. Not only for you, but also for the rest.